Skip pointless, tedious meetings

The ones where, if you really had to miss them, you might not even bother to read the minutes too closely.

It’s not just the time wasted in those meetings.

It’s the aggravation– which contaminates everything and screws up your life.  You may end up…

  • letting your restlessness show– fidgeting, grimacing, texting– which kind of defeats the purpose, if you’re mainly showing up to “be polite.”
  • becoming part of the problem– reacting, annoyed, to some half-baked comment (in a discussion that’ll never affect anything you really care about) … and pissing off your colleagues.
  • worst case:  making some constructive suggestion… and getting assigned to a committee
And:  There’s research showing that sitting in bad meetings makes you stupid.  I’m not making this up.

But what if you weren’t there?

I’m not talking about just skipping the commute and Skyping in.  (Or sending a “telepresence” robot.)

I mean skipping the meeting itself.

Without your colleagues knowing that you were off somewhere, actually being productive (or just living your life) instead of being trapped around the conference table with them.

That’s the dream.

If I can really, honestly, truly make it happen, I’ll get rich.  And with the energy that gets unleashed, we can change the world.

That’s the quest.

But I’ve got a lot to learn.  This is the chronicle:  First of my education, then of the quest’s realization!

You in?

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